Bus Stop Zen Garden

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Bus Stop Zen Garden II. Tagged with grass, iron grid, stones, stump, tree

I am astonished again and again how much I have missed over the many years that I use this bus stop. Or expressed positively: Since working to develop my photographic skills my visual sensorium perceives interesting things in constantly increasing numbers. And the contentment lies more and more in discovering and in sharing subtle things than in waiting for a unique occasion and image.


    1. Sherri, you certainly have a point here. But this bus stop in a high density area of the town would look a lot less friendly without that tree.

  1. Ah! You are so right, Markus. There is Zen there. Thanks for opening my eyes, too!

  2. It is always interesting what happens to the world around us when we are in – as I call it – “my eye is the lens” mood – how patterns, structures, colours emerge, how the mind (the eye?) is focussed on framing the surroundings. We can stare at a spot on the street and making photos with our minds – and of course with our cameras. Everything is a photo.

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