Run for ‘The Pike’

© Carl Weese

Time is running: The Pt/Pd print sale on The Online Photographer will end on Friday midnight! There is still enough time to order one or more prints of three images from Carl Weese, one of them is “The Pike Drive-In” from his series of American Drive-In Movie Theaters.

The prints are offered as a Pt/Pd version or an inkjet print for exceptional prices. Just head over to “The Online Photographer” to see all the details.

The three images each stand on their own, and I had a hard time deciding which one to order. In the end the iconic character of “The Pike” won for me: Born 1960 in Germany, those Drive-Ins never had any real (speak manifest) importance for me. But their principle, connected so tightly with Auto-Mobility and big cars, the world of industrial glamour of the Hollywood studios, and now in Carl’s image that visible decay, painfully connected with the 9-11 caused ejaculatory prayer “God bless America”, in deadjusted, already weathering letters, for me form an exceptional complex image of the U.S. of today. And Carl offers them not only as up-to-date and probably extremely durable inkjet prints, but also as handmade Pt/Pd images. The latter keep alive a long photographic tradition, refined in excellent craftsmanship and probably withstanding all attempts to industrialize. For me this offer was a must.

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