Orange Overcoat

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Photography is not in highest esteem by everybody, but the people in my surroundings are accustomed to my switching to a cyclopean life-form from time to time. And the kids, so I thought up to yesterday, should see it as perfectly normal as they know about my hobby/obsession/… But my daughter was cringing when she saw me walking behind that lady with the orange coat: she felt my behaviour was completely indecent. It seems that next time I’ll have to go alone to buy bread if I dare to take a camera with me.


  1. Your story is hilarious. I like the photo, too. The matching umbrella in the background is a nice touch!

  2. This was an amusing story, indeed. I can recognise myself a lot in this. 🙂
    But, it turned out being a great shot, so it must have been worth it.

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