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I admit that I got distracted during today evening’s music school concierto. But it’s not my fault: most of the time the faces of the artists were hidden behind their music stands, so the vision-oriented parts of the brain concentrated on what was left (and fitting in the viewfinder). That’s the reason.


  1. Nice! Each photo for itself might be somewhat boring, but together they really tell the story. I’m starting to wonder what kind of instruments they were playing… Gutars, some of them, that seems obvious. But the others…?

    1. /home/springm/Bilder/2010/2010-03/dsc27318b.jpgThomas, when I had realized that subject, it was already quite late in the concert, all images except one are indeed guitar players. The exception are two flutists, here in non-panoramic form.
      To make it complicated for the photographer, the light was really bad, but I didn’t want to disturb with my flash. So the yield was meagre, but at least I had a bit of fun.

  2. I like these types of photos where the viewer can supply their own stories. These “feet and legs” are interesting from a body language perspective and together their sum are more then any one along. Very interesting!

    1. Thanks , Earl. Not showing the whole artist including face has another reason, too: In Germany the right on one’s own picture is quite strong, even a public performance does not necessarily include the right to take photographs and publish them. And as the performers all are kids, I think it’s quite prudent to keep their privacy.

  3. Markus,
    Love these photos: the colors, the shapes, the clarity, the mystery, the engagement….super!

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