Cafe Schatz, Salzburg

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Located in a “Durchhaus”, probably best translated as a combination of passageway and courtyard, is the Cafe Schatz in Salzburg. From all the Cafes – and as a coffeine addicted I do know many – this seems to be one of the eldest and most traditional ones in Salzburg. The coffee is great, so is the pastry, and the whole institution including the waitresses has an aura that seems unchanged from maybe 40 years past.

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This is even more stunning as many of the streets in Salzburg now are governed by the great international brands, leaving less and less space for local flair. So the “Cafe Schatz”, and “Schatz” means treasure, really is a precious place, moody and relaxing (at least off season).

Update: I had edited the first version of the lead image on a color calibrated, yet not brightness calibrated monitor, and this resulted in an image that was way too dark. Lesson learned: I wil redo the calibration and double check the brightness level instead of using the all-auto setting.


  1. It looks like a lovely place; one I’d like to visit. (the brightness factor looks good to me, but I’ve been struggling with a new PC that’s so much brighter than PC’s less than a year old. I’ve calibrated it 3 times…I give up:-)

    1. Sherri, the Cafe Schatz is a small place – I counted 6 tables – but has quite some autographs of celebrities on its wall, most of them of the cultural scene related to the Salzburg Festivals. Definitely a place to go if you have the chance to visit Salzburg.

      Re. the calibration: it’s not all that complicated, yet time consuming and sometimes made unnecessarily difficult by badly designed (monitor-) hardware that does not allow easy access to central adjustments like brightness. But I found it definitely worth it.

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