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Found in a staircase ’round here. Speaks to me as my own wanderlust is on the back burner and lives on GEO articles – the sustainable variant, albeit not a fulfilling one.

Update: The wallpapers for March 2010 are now online. Check here


  1. Two very interesting photos – showing the typical German staircase with some “vegetation” (or kind of, ;-)) on every landing, very often in some 50’s pots, on some 50’s sidetables. I don’t know in how many of these staircases I have been in my life but these two photos are really symbols. I can see the caretaker’s wife choosing the plants and the caretaker choosing the photos in the frames – because he didn’t want the cat photos his wife has chosen? Okay, I am making up a story right now, ;-). But it is really great how you captured this special atmosphere. I would guess it was perfectly clean and smelling of Bohnerwachs, ;-).

    1. Martina, you definitely got it right, especially the “Bohnerwachs” smell. But those kind of staircases are a endangered species, not yet at the brink of extinction, but diminuishing every day. I wonder if I should make a project out of this…

    1. Martha, this is probably a physiological problem with me: Just reading maps with words like ‘Duarnenez’ or ‘Sidhigirbagh’ raises the adrenaline level in my blood and makes me salivate with anticipation.
      But I have learnt to appreciate my surroundings and opened my eyes for the local gems, being it Thumsee or a local staircase. It’s just that I can’t stop the effect described above.

    1. Stephen, you are definitely right. Meanwhile traveling even as far as Australia has become more affordable, but it is still out of reach for the majority. And both the pyramids as well as Ayers Rock have always fired imaginations and dreams.

  2. This is a really good theme for a project, you should definitely try this. It instantly made BOING with me reading about your idea.

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