The Landscape and The Light: leeming + paterson

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“Days End” ¢ leeming + paterson

Morag Paterson and Ted Leeming recently published an article on Luminous Landscape, titled The Light Fantastic – Capturing the Inner Sense of the Scottish Landscape. The image above is from their website leeming + paterson. This certainly is a special approach to landscape photography, away from what you might now from Charlie Waite or Ian Cameron, to name just two British landscape photographers.

Leeming + Paterson’s images do resonate with an inner landscape and express it in a way for which William Turner had found a way to do it with brushes and oil-based paint about 200 years ago. And whilst photography has brought us the ability to record and reproduce the finest detail, the most gorgeous light and given us great works of art going the f64-way, as a counterweight this precise rendering and careful emphasizing of the physical world needs and deserves a balance in form of an impressionistic path connecting the landscape within to the physical world.

The discussion on Luminous Landscape following the article brought up some negative comments. I am just wondering (but then, I am not) about the lack of tolerance and maybe generosity when it comes to classifying contemporary art. The universum of art for sure has place for many ways of expression, and I see my path more in the learning of the different methods of seeing and expressing and finding my own way. What remains to be seen as art only history can tell.

For myself I only can say that Morag Paterson’s and Ted Leeming’s work has opened my eyes to a new and convincing style of seeing, perceiving and recording the landscape and the light.


  1. Yes, great pointer! But the discussion on whether Ian Cameron or Morag Paterson are “better” or “more artistic” in their expression is simply utterly stupid. First of all, we’re talking art and photography – and not football. And, adding to that, what kind of strange idea is it that those types of photography are mutually exclusive?? It’s like “either chocolate or whiskey” – I would never be able to make such a choice! Good that I can have both 🙂

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