Yellow Rubber Boots and Pillars

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As Europe does not know the overly strict ‘No Trespassing’ signs, sometimes you can sneak a peek behind the things without too much risk. This is basically the backside of the hallway leading to the cinema in this post.


    1. Well, Bad Reichenhall is somewhat smallish. Yet people using their cameras are rare, so it’s no wonder that you rarely bump into someone taking pictures

  1. No Trespassing signs are top sellers, here. 🙁 However, we probably have more lawyers per capita, waiting, willing, and able to file suit! I’d like to spend a year or so in Europe to see what it’s like.

    1. I wonder how you would like it – not only the lack of “no trespassing” signs but that really different approach to life: obligatory health insurance, no weapons (but no speed limit on the highway, maybe that’s our compensation) and less space. All my American relatives and friends found really astonishing how tight everything is. In Bavaria there are hills where you are able to see 7 clocktowers from the same place.

  2. I would never have thought this was a cinema. It looks more like a historical mansion. The boots are quite a contrast to the structure.

    1. Sherri, you are right: It’s a cinema since recent time only. The building is part of a former first class hotel, started at the beginning of last century, when Bad Reichenhall was *the* spa for the well off. Decades of decay and changing tenants have added a certain wistful feeling to past beauty here.

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