Trees of a different Kind

Last weekend was sort of a landmark in the change of the seasons: for the first time we had direct sunlight again in our kitchen since beginning of december last year, as now the sun higher on the horizon again. But the during the week work usually finishes only when it’s already dark again. Learning to see differently, there is so much to discover even at night, and in the city it’s not a problem to hand hold most of the shots, cranking up the ISO to 800 or sometimes 1600.

These different trees were again treated in bibble5, applying a bleach bypass preset after masking out the (already sun-bleached) public transport signs and emphasizing the structure of the naked sycamore tree.


  1. Markus, a wonderful effect and overall result. You managed to salvage more detail from the tree and limbs then I would have thought. Nicely done!

  2. Great city scenery! It seems as if Bibble 5 is really doing it’s job in salvaging details at the extremes of the light.

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