No Daisy no Snow

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The newspapers and broadcasts on friday had one favorite headline: Depression ‘Daisy’ will bring blizzards with vast amounts of snow and will probably stop public life for quite some time. The German administration even advised to buy a stock of food, drinking water, flashlight batteries and so on.

Nothing happened so far, and now speculation is up why this depression was so over-estimated. Mind you, I’m not disappointed at all, as such catastrophic weather means danger and sometimes even death to the poorest or weakest, even in our rich country. But I take the grey winter weather with equanimity – no desire for images from warmer seasons like Paul Maxim – and see it as the right timeframe for “grey”, not-overly-vivid images.


  1. NBC news showed a number of images this morning from Germany, all showing heavy snow and ice with cars literally at a standstill (most, I think, from northeastern Germany). It seems a good chunk of the northern hemisphere is colder than normal. No escape for those of us who don’t view it with as much “equanimity” as others!

    It almost sounds like you’re saying that if the weather is grey and dismal, then our images should be as well. That our photography should match the seasons. But perhaps that’s the perfect time for a little more color, hopefully not “overly vivid” (which sounds too much like leaning heavily on the saturation slider!).

  2. Brilliant DOF & what an amazing play of white & fading red. I like fading colours just the way I like your composition. A great photograph, Markus! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  3. Paul, indeed the snowy weather is distributed unevenly over Europe (but, tongue-in-cheek: The coverage of weather seems proportional to the number of available cameras and the absence of worse news…) Andreas reported missing snow also from Vienna, but that’s the southern part of Middle Europe again.

    I guess you read my remarks about equanimity as subjective as they were meant, and I have to admit that there are times when I want the grey weather to end. On the other hand I have spent too much time in flickr, where in many cases “vivid” seems to be seen as a synonym of “good”, which it de facto is not (always). And probably I do have a certain inclination for “grey” images, at least many color photographs I try to take show only a part of the spectrum. That of course is a matter of personal taste. But I do admit that I enjoy the possibility for this kind of pictures, also the chance to use lowest DoF during the day without getting out the ND8 filter.

  4. So this bloomed and the weather forecasters claimed a big snow would come? Sounds like the elderly people here in the south and their old timey predictions:-) A lovely soft image.

  5. Sherri, this rose is just a leftover from autumn. But still I do wonder why it didn’t loose it’s color as all the other leaves did.

  6. Interesting. The closed buds pointing to the right, the arm of the statue(?) pointing to the left, the oblique line running through the middle of the image, I really like that. It’s a bit busy, but just the right amount to make it interesting.

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