Blue Shades of White

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There is a bavarian folk singer group that sings with kids for kids, and one of their songs starts with a conversation:

“What’s your favourite season?”
      “springtime, summer, … fall … winter”

“But that’s all seasons!”

      “Yes – what’s wrong with this?”

For a photographer’s eyes this seems to be the right attitude: In every season there is something to find, not always big spectacular things, but very often tiny gems. With snow however, it’s a bit special now: My mother-in-law was an active skier, and she still tells about downhill routes that are barely visible now: Trees have taken there place, as for decades now the winters have become shorter here and snow has become less.

I admit being a “warmist”, and so I try to savour the snow even more, knowing that those fairy-tale like winters I had as a child are past and gone. But that is only the least disagreable consequence of global warming.


  1. Markus, these images are a wonderful study of shade and light — wonderful work! I keep coming back to them for another look.

  2. These three are really amazing: what one can do with so “few” objects. Snowy deserts – snowy dunes.

    Funnily enough the last year’s and this year’s winter are much colder and snowier than the decade before in Mainz.

    *Martina – waiting for spring*

  3. Earl, I am glad you like it! It had started as a bit of a stopgap as I couldn’t find the kind of landscape I had expected. But overcoming frustration I kept my eyes open and found numerous small sceneries like these where geometry, texture and light/shadow offered small visual wonders.

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