The Non-Colors of Winter


It’s still too warm for the season. Last week it was like an experiment of snowfall, but it ended after three hours with barely noticable sludge on the streets. But the light is grey and tints the remaining leaves and fruits during the day.

Only at night, when the Christmas decoration starts to scintillate, some more warm tones mix into the de-energizing grey and pale blue. But there still remains beauty to be discovered, and new details get revealed to be savoured. Sometimes feeling chilly I enjoy the days.


  1. I like the first non-coloured photo very much – almost icy in its grey hue. Even if at the moment with 8 °C and rain everything is brownish and darkgreenish and dreck-ish … 😉

  2. Mother nature might not be as good at de-colourising the World as we’d like her to be, but she makes a wonderful job with the tools she got. Your pictures proves this. Lovely!

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