Waiting for guests

My hometown accomodates a huge number of guests during the summer, but now things get more and more quiet: the fountains are covered, chairs moved out of the pedestrian area, an icecream parlour is changed into a lebkuchen sales point. Luckily enough christmas decoration is almost non-existing yet, but that’s probably a grace period to be measured in days only.


  1. That’s what I like about the autumn – those quite, peaceful moments. Lovely – a bit chilly, but still ok’ish with some hot beverage afterwards… 🙂

  2. Very nice, Markus. This reminds of, without the leaves, of Charleston at this time of year. Everything has quieted down; The tourists are gone for another season, and things are back to normal.

  3. Looks like you nailed the dof in this shot perfectly. I love the way the chair and table stand out so clearly.

  4. @yz: This silence at first is nice after all the noise of the summer. But when November gets more and more gray and dreary, this silence makes place for slightly depressive mood. But then it’s time for Christmas.

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