Swamp birches

The various groups of birches, just at the border of the tarn and interspersed into the pines in the elevated areas form excellent graphical elements with their white bark. The morning hours were not really cold, especially not for november, but this year we have the warmest november since 35 years.

Oh, but don’t care – our elected and not so elected leaders won’t bother when meeting in Kopenhagen (at least most of them). The most important thing is this generation’s prosperity – which is only relative when 1/6th of the world’s most affluent state had to live in ‘food uncertainty’ in 2007.

Song of the day? ‘Oh what a wonderful world’. What else.

Update: try to see the pictures at least in 1024px height by clicking on them – the downscaling to the posted size lets vanish quite some details.


  1. hi markus ! it’s been a long time I came due to a huge planning since I became pro and I have to say you had a good idea to change of blog. this one is better for showing your great work, greetings, i will come back more regularly as I was used before september.

  2. Oh yeah, the Copenhagen summit. If we’re truly unlucky, this will be remembered as THE lost chance of our generation. Maybe the song of december could also be “paint it black”. But maybe that’s just that November mood… Hopefully.

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