Rain in the spa gardens

After a long dry period now autumn rain calls the shots. Here in Bad Reichenhall lmost all fountains are switched off and covered by now, with the ones in the spa gardens as lonely exception. But the water doesn’t spray in the fountain any more, instead cold raindrops make strolling a different experience.

The gold of the maple leaves slowly starts to fade, and sometimes it seems as if this cold and this humidity, that reinforces the felt coldness, also affects the passers-by – head between shoulders, viewing straight ahead now everybody tries to minimize the time she spends outside of buildings. Winter doesn’t seem to be far anymore.


  1. I like the first one very much because of the raindrops you caught :-).
    And yes, I am one of these head-between-shoulders types – usually have many headaches because of the resulting tension in the shoulders. Everything gets better when it is less humid but colder.

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