Business with Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, lived there and died in absolute poverty. Nowadays he’s one of the most important economic factors not only for Salzburg itself but also for Bad Reichenhall. Here we have one of the big producers of the ‘Mozartkugel’, a ball with different kind of chocolates inside. For a full background on this sweet stuff and also it’s not so sweet aspects, namely lawsuits, seethis wikipedia article.

To fire the business with the tourists, of course the Cafe Reber has a statue of W.A. Mozart as well as his sister Nannerl in their inner courtyard. Mozart himself is placed under a giant Mozartkugel, which in this way looks more as a menace than a temptation.


  1. Yes, I found you image. I don’t know what the PR specialists were thinking putting up such a combination. Probable only that “bigger must be better”…

  2. great stuff and sweet stuff … Ich liebe diese Kugeln heiss zum Kaffee, sie sind genauso superb wie deine Bilder, grossartiges Spiel mit der Schärfe/Unschärfe und die Lichtpunkte sind das Sahnehäubchen!

  3. They don’t have those here! Hrmpf.

    What aperture/lens did you use in the first shot? In comparison to the previous photos the out-of-focus discs are a bit more “edgy” this time – smaller aperture?

    Like the repetition of a sharp figure and a blurry one in the first shot!

  4. @Paul: You are definitely right! As they sing in ‘Cabaret’: “Money makes the world go round”. The Salzburg confectioner, who invented the ‘Mozartkugel’ also had other chocolates named after celebrities like Bach cube and Paris-Lodron-Truffle.

    But the most curious thing is a case of murder, where the bullet was a frozen Mozart ball.

  5. @Thomas: Yes, I had to stop down to f/3.5 to get enough DoF. In the first attempt with wide open diaphragm, the Mozart statue was too blurred. Well, this is not a 1000,- € lens like the contemporary Carl-Zeiss one, but I don’t know if this lens would allow to stop down while maintaining a perfect round shape of the diaphragm.

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