The last rose of october

A lively beer garden this place was, only a week ago, as we had the warmest october since the beginning of the weather records (climate change? or chance?). Now it’s a more melancholic view with the empty tables and the grey clouds touching the peaks already. In only four weeks, up there will be snow.

Addendum: For whatever reason, the picture embedded in the blog came out darker than the uploaded version. The latter you get as always in a lightbox when you click on the image.


  1. love the beautiful red and yes my roses were frozen the other day but may have a few more yet to come. I love them they are a sign of spring to me and a sign that winter is quick coming.

  2. Beautiful. I love the loneliness of the last red blooms.

    Here we’ve had the coldest summer I can remember. I never turned on the A/C this summer not even once which has never happened before. We only had one heat wave with 3 days where the temps went above 90°F which is pretty much unheard of. We usually get several heat waves each summer which often include days that hit or top 100°F and that never happened. A chilly fall has followed. We had frost and freeze warnings last night. Last winter was pretty brutal on my heating bills. I hope the same will not be true this winter. The Northwest has already experienced record breaking dangerously brutal cold temps, as low as the single digits F, and already record early snows have closed some schools and opened some ski resorts earlier than ever before. I’ve been wondering where global warming has gone the past few years, because it certainly has not been happening here.

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