Electric laughing puppet

Well, the laughter may be electric (so were the movements) but obviously it was not really electrifying. By now, you know for sure that I am not one of the great fans of the octoberfest, an attitude that certainly puts me into quite some distance of the fanatic pro-octoberfest statements like those on the Boston Globe (thanks to Martina for pointing this out).

I am, however, a bit concerned about the impression this event gives the world about Munich: beer abundant, drunk people in somewhat traditional clothing, and, on the back side of the medal, average 10 rapes/octoberfest (official, the dark figure is about 200) and probably 2000 police operations in those mad 16 days. Well, there is not only fun and hight times.

Usually the locals prefer the quieter hours, and in the afternoon you see families with young kids enjoying all the roundabouts, horse riding places and even a genuine flea circus. I have updated my gallery section with an Octoberfest section (Wies’n is the bavarian word for this event, originally meaning simply meadow).


  1. Markus: Do you ever find that when you stand near one of these laughing dolls that you start to laugh too? It happens to me a lot. I guess that’s why they put them there, to get people to laugh.

  2. @Paul: Here those laughing dolls are quite rare – I never saw them outside octoberfest. The purpose is clear, but for me they usually don’t work. In plain daylight they probably loose a lot of their charm, the passers-by in my images also seem not to be overly impressed…

  3. It looks like that doll is having the time of his life, laughing out loud in there 😀
    Nice set, made me smile with him 🙂

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