Commuting train and wallpapers

The time in the train I spent mostly for the wallpapers today. You can reach them through the top menu. I have created them in a variety of resolutions, so you should find a matching size. If not, use the contact page. If you like them, you could use the contact form as well.


  1. Wow. I wish I had a place I could go and get a shot of trains. There are a couple of small towns nearby where freight trains pass through, but the town sheriffs won’t permit me to take pics. I like how you’ve captured this with whatever that is in the forefront.

  2. The perspective is great. I wonder how you managed to get there … so I suppose it is in your hometown and not in your “worktown” … I also like the opposition of the fast moving train in the background and this very massive hm bollard (?) in the foreground.

  3. @Sherri, Martina: That massive structure in the foreground is a buffer stop – at least this is what the dictionaries offer for the german “Prellbock”. For a long time a was not too happy having to commute a long distance to the office, but in the last year I learned to accept it and exploit it as a bonanza of picture opportunities. In Germany we see more and more restrictions when taking pictures, especially when you don’t look like a tourist, but in the small town train stations I have never encountered any problem.

  4. When I lived in Dallas, Texas, I used to ride the train to work sometimes. It was a very short ride, 18 minutes; It had been years since I’ve ridden a train. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to ride another train, the train between New Jersey and New York, about a 50 minute ride. The first sign that you see, before purchasing your ticket, is the sign that tells you what type of photography is allowed.

    Pretty much all of photography is allowed as long as it doesn’t interfere with the operation of the train, but once you get into NYC, there are lots of restrictions in various buildings.

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