Old-style Merry-go-round

Of course the kids made me go to the fairground – in the province, loud music, sales booths in the street and a merry-go-round are rare and therefore attractive. While I regarded the whole thing as less interesting than noisy, at least the old chairoplane provided attractive food for the lens. Stopping down to f22 produced the nice star effect, which was however invisible until I used bibble5’s highlight recovery. To be honest, this produced some artifacts which I had to clean up in a last step with gimp (which was faster done than written).

Old-style Merry-go-round(2) The post-fairground part of the stroll for sure was a bit boring for the kids, but I did enjoy the in comparison even deeper silence of an off season tourist resort at the lake. Unterach at the ‘Attersee’ in Austria can be a wonderful place – the painter Gustav Klimt stayed here for quite a number of summer visits, and the light for sure has influenced his painting.

Old-style Merry-go-round(3) Both my images needed postprocessing, the fence door a good portion of burning to bring out the gestalt of the iron work, and the flower facade a bit of perspective correction. Interesting enough, several in houses in Unterach are inclined towards the lake, sign of a not completely stable ground.

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  1. beautiful image … and if it too hot, you can jump direct jump from the marry-go-round to the Ă–ffentliche Bade- und Erholungsanlage 🙂

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