Hiroshima Day

A unhappy anniversary is this 6th of August since the year 1945 – in microseconds only the world had achieved a new quality of danger, the danger of total extinction by the press of a button. When I was a teenager, my mother gave me Robert Jungk’s book “Children of the Ashes” as a birthday present, and I do vividly remember a scene of this book where a young man has to watch how a glass fragment, hurled through the air by the blast wave, pierces and kills a young lady in a Hiroshima office.

So this is my ‘punctum’ in today’s image.

Amazon US sells used copies of this book for amazing prices (in Germany used copies sell for small change), but if you want to strengthen eventual pacifist inclinations, it is definitely worth reading.

The image above was *not* taken with a fisheye lens, instead I used the Sean M. Pucket’s “percy” plugin for bibble 4, which offers not only to reproject fisheye images to rectilinear projection, but also the projection to a equisolid model.


  1. well commemorated – in all our luxury we tend to forget so easily what doom man has brought to others.

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