Bridal Bouquet

When asked to photograph a friends wedding, I felt a bit unsure if it wouldn’t go beyond my capacities. So I made clear that for professional results they would have to hire an experienced pro. In the end they decided to take what I would deliver and I had quite concentrated 90 minutes taking pictures and 2 hours converting the raw files to jpegs. I still don’t feel comfortable with in-camera jpegs, especially in mixed light or available light situations. And the batch mode of bibble, the possibility to easily copy settings and the powerful noise ninja makes this decision not too hard.

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  1. Well done for deciding to take up the challenge. I was asked to do the same a while back for a collegue, but didn't have the courage to actually do it. I was seriously scared I'd fail miserably, but now I regret saying no. Sometimes you have to dive in at the deep end as see what happens. And make it clear to the happy couple that pros are generally better than us happy amateurs.

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