worldwide photowalk in bad reichenhall

our photowalk was a wet affair, but spirits were high. after 2 hours in all sorts of rain from drizzle to downpour the small group met in a local inn for hot drinks and a first review. in spite of the unfriendly weather we all had lots of fun, photographing or watching.

worldwide photowalk in bad reichenhall(2) the saalach river, full with water from the rainfalls of the last days, provided a more dramatic scenery than the quiet grey and green landscape or the not-so-populated alleys.

worldwide photowalk in bad reichenhall(3) an improvised slideshow immediately after collecting most of the images was the final part of an excursion that all of the participants want to repeat the nextx year


  1. Sounds like a great experience! Unfortunately, the Göteborg photowalk was already fully booked when I realised there is one. Hrmpf.

    The river scenario really looks as if there were quite a few photo opportunities that could be harvested – and the light certainly seems to have made the colors "pop". I love those rainy, rich greens…

  2. the image of hunting is fun. When can I join in the atmosphere that … hehehe / / Greetings to all friends // Regards from Yogyakarta, Indonesia //

  3. We had good weather for ours but looking at these I think the not so good weather would have been more interesting. We had a capacity crowd with a wait list in case there were some no shows. We had a few no shows and their spots filled the day of. It was a fun event.

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