weariness in vision and written

as always commuting into the city confronts me with urban sceneries very different from what i would prefer to have as my surroundings. but in contradiction to the gut feeling i know that this tension presumably keeps my senses active and vigilant. but that morning i found the weather as grey as my mood, matching my weariness. and suddenly the bike fragments in the frame seemed to match, too. and just as a note on the margin: these white on black letters on the right side read ‘gegenwind’, head wind, the natural adversary of each bike rider, and a major factor for weariness.


  1. Seems as if the bike tries to get away from the tristesse – barely held by its leash. Hmm… certainly room for imagination.

  2. Love it, not only for the bike. It's also the reflection, the many verticals, the depth layers, everything 🙂

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