photographer and daughters

Salzburg, House of Nature

many of the howto-photobooks i have read recommend repeating patterns as a recipe for better pictures. so i couldn’t resist this setup (in the science center of salzburg’s “house of the nature”). the first pictures with only yours truly as subject were a bit dull, but soon one of the daughters came to look. this was already better, but really good it became when she was joined by her twin sister. aah – and don’t think that clothing them equal is a quirk or a deliberate decision of the parents: it is purely a strategy to avoid unnecessary fights for this or that special t-shirt (replace t-shirt with pants, sweater and so on, ad nauseam).

with the colors i am still not completely content, but the color cast from the green walls was so strong that i couldn’t find a better correction without loosing that green, which in itself is a strong component of the picture.


  1. This is a great photograph! Surreal, joyful, playful, colourful… It put a smile on my face as soon as I saw it. A great way to start a day.


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