brass bands marching

bavaria generally and the traditional mountain costume associations (what a monster expression, we just say ‘trachtler’) especially are inseparably connected with brass music. only at indoor events, we call it ‘hoagascht’, guitar, zither and hammer dulcimer replace the wind instruments.

brass bands marching(2) clear shapes and reflections of course make those brass units very photogenic. musically the bands at events like the present one are on a real high stage, and in the last decade fortunately a lot of re-discovered really traditional music went into the programs, replacing the innommable beer hall music of lowest possible niveau.

brass bands marching(3) only the sheer level of the sound became a bit problematic in the moments when the procession stopped with the band playing some 2m away from my ear. but the little suffering for art (not with a capital a, nota bene) is neglectable in the greater context of ‘hue and saturation to the max’.

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