bokeh locomotive

these images, created while commuting in the rain, might have also fit martin storz’ always-take-the-weather project on his blog ‘the public eye’, but i decided to show them here as part of my bokeh mini-series. and for martin i will try to create a sunny weather image, given that we get such a thing in the next days.

bokeh locomotive(2) for me these airy disks are something genuinely photographic, along with shallow dof, which can not be reasonably reproduced in painting or other arts and crafts. maybe this is the reason why i get so fascinated by those two phenomena.

and as always: click on the images to see them large in a javascript lightbox.

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  1. I especially like the 2nd photo! Those droplets on the window pane work great for defining the shallowness of the DOF – and as a (non-)color counterpart for the red lights of the train.

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