sofobomo ‘batticaloa fishermen’ as blurb book

yesterday i received the printed version of my sofobomo book from print. i had been really curious about the quality, especially the rendering of the difficult, so i thought, darker regions. in this respect there is hardly a fault to find. problems however arise in two other aspects: colors, especially red and blue, come out definitely more vivid than on my calibrated monitor, and fine structures like sand on the beach or a fishing net suffer from the printing resolution. sometimes even in fine nuanced bright areas it seems that compression artifacts become visible. now i stop nitpicking, because i know only too well that i can definitely not expect steidl quality for a print-on-demand book in that price class. we always get what we pay for.

the positive experience of the first self-made book, where i did not resort to the pre-fabricated layouts of photobook making software, is simply unbeatable. and in this sense i have learned a lot in this year’s sofobomo, and i guess i’ll be in next year again. the image above was taken on the beach of batticaloa and is the back title of my book.


  1. Anil, thanks for pointing this out. In fact I used the blurb software, but only their full bleed option with the pages created by myself in scribus and exported as 300dpi jpgs. I guess I will try a 2nd copy and before that carefully triple check all settings.

  2. Post Scriptum: The reason for using scribus and dismissing the blurb layout options of course is the necessity to create a plain pdf file. Obviously blurb fears that their software might be (ab)used for this purpose and does not offer this option.

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