sofobomo: a victim of the selection process

nice synonym for the catch i sometimes find on my flash cards. but sometimes those emblematic empty bottles just hide their merits (or less sugarcoated: they have to wait for a more clear-sighted moment). carl weese hinted in a comment he made yesterday on the value of an archive and the necessity of a 2nd look, and of course he is right. especially the rejected images deserve this re-evaluation, and in this way i found my empty bottles.

postscriptum: i have uploaded the book to issuu, too, and am astonished how hassle-free this was. so if you want to see it more book-style in a nifty flash version, klick here: Batticaloa Fishermen on issuu.

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  1. Like the recent images and have downloaded the PDF which I will read tomorrow. The boat and rough water has a loveyl feel to it. With my medium of film editing is approached in a different way and you can sometimes find little gems when you are searching your archive. I am generally thinking in terms of a negative that I missed printing.

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