sofobomo status

using the evening hours for sofobomo work, i learn to master scribus more and more. it turns out that the first framework i had prepared did not make proper use of the templating functionalities, so modifying fonts and text colors turned out to be more tedious then necessary. as i prefer the systematic approach, i first did the necessary refactoring and then only started to fill the frames with pictures, cherishing very much the drag-and-drop possibilities of the digikam asset management software and scribus under ubuntu linux.

sofobomo status(2) what works amazingly well with scribus is the creation of pdfs. i now have 13 images in the book, and limiting the output resolution to 150dpi, scribus makes a 1.7mb pdf file out of this. sounds and looks reasonable, but i still want to check the quality on a better monitor than my laptop’s.

oh, and the girl: she’s happily using a pump provided by our project and locally built with available material and techniques.


  1. I have not done the challenge but it does sound interesting to try and make the books. Challenging I am sure.

    These are some great shots.

  2. I like this very much the eye to eye contact and the colors of everything your work is lovely

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