sofobomo 09: finished it is

finished. after some intensive hours my sofobomo 09 book is ready. it is available from the sofobomo website here: batticaloa fishermen. scribus proofed to be a reliable tool for this work, it can only be recommended. the resulting pdf is 7 mb for more than 40 images with 150dpi, so compression works reasonably well. plans are to get it printed by blurb, the layout was carefully crafted for the small square book that blurb offers.

and having completed it gives a good feeling, i can tell you!


  1. Hi, Markus,

    I just looked through your book. The word "really" is ridiculously over-used in English, but…it's really, really good. The use of the seemingly casual (but devastating) text entries put up against the photographs is very powerful. Very nicely done. Congratulations.

  2. Exceptional composition. Congratulations on the sofobomo project. I've been intrigued by it since yz signed up, but don't have the time. Looks like your captures would make a wonderful collection.

  3. Thanks for all the positive feedback!

    And honor to whom honor is due: the idea to combine the images with the headlines came from my wife. Thank you very much for this!

  4. I surfed through your sofobomo-book-project and I’m very impressed … the headlines to combine with the images is great and powerful … text and pictures give space for own thoughts … bravo!

  5. A very clever idea. The combination is moving and disturbing, and it adds a dimension that would not have been possible with images alone, at least not without severe danger to the photographer's life.

  6. This is one of the best books I have seen from this year's sofobomo book pile. The visual and textual storylines you have created are really powerful, making a very strong contrast between a seemingly ordinary life and reality.

  7. I wasn't sure what to expect besides a photojournalistic approach to documenting the fishermen, but the duality of the headlines with the photos really speaks to you. This is a great book.

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