barrel door

a matching door for the fence blinds shown yesterday, this door is one of the rare cases where the recycling/upgrading path left the original structure well visible and self-contingent, not mixing in or adding other components.

barrel door(2) the fence, too, is a case of recycling: the net was beyond repair and unsuitable to catch fishes any more. it still is, however, fit to keep the hen in the garden. together with the pine twigs and the cones optically it makes up for a fine structure.


  1. Markus, your recent postings are all poignant, but I really like something about these last two posts with the combination of abstracted graphics tied to a strong documentary narrative. Finding beauty in what are really quite awful conditions may be a strong way of drawing attention to those conditions.

  2. Carl, there are often two hearts in my chest: seeing graphically and understanding with compassion what I see. Not alway I can balance them, and quite often I feel my photography fails at what I would try to transport.
    And then, going for work into such a country is different from traveling. More restrictions, for sure, but also more insights through the professional contacts.

  3. Really interesting the color is amazing the texture and tone is too. Beautiful isn't it. I think you do have two hearts for sure and an inner eye that really shares the story. It shows that you feel your subjects in your work I assure you.

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