rosserer pilgrimage music

another small series from the rosserer pilgrimage. btw: rosserer is austrian/salzburg dialect for horse breeder. fascinating for me here was the surface of the instrument.

rosserer pilgrimage music(2) usually you see high gloss, like in the last shot, but this guy’s bass tuba did not pretend to be new and without blemishes. it looked old, well used and beaten, no pretending possible.

rosserer pilgrimage music(3) but the sound was great, without doubt. and having my traditional ‘bratwurst’ on a table in the back of the band gave me sufficient opportunity to watch the details. the guy sitting next to the bass tuba had one of those shiny, proper, straight instruments, and so i just had to make use of the reflection.


  1. ggg, what a nice idea with the framings! Unusually perspectives! Love the third one and the reflection in the instrument! Sunny greetings

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