sign boards in laufen

laufen at the salzach river tries hard to keep history vivid, the shown signboards are just a small excerpt of these efforts.the encroachment of public space with the various monstrosities that you find in bad reichenhall and many other places does not take place here.

sign boards in laufen(2) sign boards in laufen(3) of course, the wish to make business here as everywhere brings along the usual so-so display windows, and houseowners with only average feeling for adequate material did just shove in the most ugly anodised window frames, but the overall feeling of a historic city, especially on the main square, is still present.


  1. and houseowners with only average feeling for adequate material
    but this is exactly the sort of modifications from the past that add historic character. Sometimes I feel we get a bit precious about “historic” forgetting that history in a town is an accumulation of changing human activity and development.

  2. Martin, you are right that in living in and adapting historic substance we keep it alive. Otherwise it would be historicism without real value.

    It’s only that I have seen to much beautiful things devaluated by not so prudent modernisations. Especially windows that now look like holes with out their grill and the shutters come to mind here.

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