rooftop spa

when i started photography roughly 30 years back, lenses with a focal length of more than 300mm were regarded as professional tools only and priced like this. today aps-c digital slrs with their crop factor of 1.5 plus the development in the area of long telezooms offer the possibilities to use a 450mm-e lens (the mm-e were introduced by mike johnston here and i regard it as a sound concept, especially as it can take care of the different crop factors we have in the wild now: 1.3, 1.5, 1.6, 2…). count in optical stabilisation, and you have the ingredients for succesfull long-lens shots any pro would have licked her or his fingers up to the elbow only 20 years ago.

rooftop spa(2) the really densely populated downtown of salzburg of course creates demand for some, and be it even the smallest, recreational space. down from mönchsberg, the hill where the castle is located, you have a magnificient view into a landscape of roofs, now and then interrupted by a small private spa. even a single sunlounger can qualify for this


  1. Looks as if somebody made good use of the rooftops! Maybe a bit too warm during the height of summer, but looks like a nice place for now.

    Yes, having the luxury of being able to cherry-pick such details from a bigger scene is certainly one of the real advantages of photographing with a Crop-Camera. Although we initially had to “pay” for it with a severe loss in wide-angle lenses. But that seems to be overcome by now…

  2. What a great little “oasis” among the rooftops.

    The “crop-factor” is a plus for certain situations and when moving to a full frame D-SLR, like in my case the Nikon D700, it’s sometimes missed.

    I’ve still have my Nikon D300 I use for wildlife and those times I need a bit more reach. It also serves as a backup camera.

  3. Thomas, Earl: That long-lens advantage of the crop cameras for me of course comes at a price: those shallow DoF thingies I’d like to make would need an even faster lens now.
    If Sony would offer something like the D700 (excellent high-iso with 16MPix), I would be tempted to go back full-frame, but the 25MPix of the A900 are just intimidating – my computer would break down because of shere ‘angst’

  4. probably because there are no more places to plant, the roof of the house also functions as a garden house. So beautiful. Regards from Yogyakarta Indonesia.

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