vamping up tradition

rainlight saving time started today. ‘dis is a well thought out marketing idea of some leasure outfits lobbyists, nothing else. as bavaria is really strong in traditions, we had our easter egg fountain this year again, with more than 4000 hand-painted eggs. closer inspection leaded to the conclusion, that guinness beer now got incorporated into our cultural heritages, along with more halloween style eggs.

vamping up tradition(2) vamping up tradition(3) anyhow, nobody will ever be able to suggest that we are anti-modernist.

the original items sold at that occasion are those catkin-and-box bouquets, directly connected to the fertileness-roots of all easter traditions. these usually got blessed in church at palm sunday and later on found their place next to the crucifix in the living room of the houses.

vamping up tradition(4)

but i also found a nice runner-up for my personal ‘ugliest thing in hometown’ collection, 2nd row at least.


  1. Interesting tradition, I wasn't aware of that "easter egg fountain". Any specific festivities attached to it – like dancing around naked? 😉

    Yeah, yeah…nice runner up. Can't you go back to B&W?? Pleaase?

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