spring behind the curtains

slowly slowly it seems to come. the air is still cold most of the time, but the sun already powerful. still the salvia plants have to remain in the house, but this way they make a nice, promising pattern.

spring behind the curtains(2) today’s second shot is the church of maria plain, next to salzburg. and while i like this powerful place very much, the shot itself is not satisfying, it leans to much to the illustrative side and i miss a bit of expression in it. well, the tripod i use did not deliver what i was expecting. time to change tripod?


  1. Markus,
    in a technical sense it’s a perfect picture: well balanced from one edge to the other.

    But the picture does not express what you describe “as powerful place”.

    To express visually what we feel, we need some work in the “darkroom”.
    Only a few a so lucky to find their perfect expression on location.
    (I remember your excellent photo “and the best shot i didn’t get” from 2. Febr. 09.)

    There is a difference between “seen” and “rendition”.

    That’s why people visting place they know from Ansel Adams photos are so disappointed not to find what they beleaved to know from his photos.

    No reason for a new tripod!

  2. tongue in cheek: if a new tripod doesn’t help, maybe a new lens should…

    Yes, I also see it as technically flawless, but it lacks “soul”. My feeling was that either the lighting situation (no cloud) or the point of view/perspective was not right. The lighting situation I can change by repeating visits, the perspective by taking some more time (and no hungry kids as company), but “darkroom”?

    You got me curious, so I tried in bibble once more: Maria Plain, 2nd version. Darker and with a little bit of vignetting it is certainly more moody and I already like it better then the first version.

    Still I think I have to come back and try some more variations.

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