percentage for art / kunst am bau

bad weather with rain, temperatures just above 0°c, low light because i could leave office later than planned. but still, after an uncomfortable day some visual excercise deemed necessary to compensate for all the frowning and sweating because of murky software. the planned target for my activities, the (not so) new synagoge of munich (see here, definitely worth a return) turned out to be not so attractive because of the dull light, and so i headed home. taking a shortcut through a building block however got me immediately hobbled.

percentage for art / kunst am bau(2) that silvery sphere, open-worked and reflecting inside and out, was just amazing, and the tiny rest of daylight together with the lamps in the surrounding offices made up for the most wonderful symphony of reflections. so i stood there and watched and shot until the fingers were numb and the protection filter in front of the lens was sprinkled with raindrops.

percentage for art / kunst am bau(3) up to now i could not make out the artist who had created this sculpture (one of the rare cases where google did not come up immediately with a solution), so there’s some work left. and a lesson learnt: don’t rule out bad weather, instead go out shooting.


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