through a glass

trees and windows are some constantly recurring subjects in my photography, so here is a new combination of both topics. shot during a wedding celebration in dachau palace (beeing not photographer-in-charge those deviations were allowed), i tried to make best use of that soft twilight shortly before sunset.

through a glass(2) taken some minutes earlier than the lead shot, the shadows of the trees outside formed beautiful patterns on the facade of the old palace. generally i do love those soft, non-vivid and not at all gaudy colors up to monochromacity in color, but here the contrast between that strong, warm yellow and the (bavarian) blue sky is really pleasing to my eye.


  1. Your main shot is interesting… Looks as if the tree is actually starting to climb in. I like the graphical pattern of the window bars that are reflected in the tree branches.

  2. I’m very pleased to see the photos of tree branches in the photos from behind the window. This Photo very dramatic and have a strong character and can touch my heart. Regards from Yogyakarta City, Indonesia.

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