st. pankraz castle and church

late afternoon light had already left st. pankraz church in the shade. due to the cold air and light wind there were almost no distortions by the heatings from the houses of bad reichenhall under this scenery, only the object contrast turned out to be really low – a bit more then 3 f-stops is really not much. i had exposed to the right, so i hoped there was enough differentiation in there for a detail-rich image. playing with lightzone allowed to increase the local contrast and with the result i am quite happy.

just one thing keeps nagging me: even from the tripod all my shots are tilted to right – it seems almost impossible for me to adjust the camera horizontally. so the next thing to get is a rrs lever clamp with a spirit level. not that i would not like to tilt some shots on purpose, but never getting it level even if i want to is more than annoying.

oh yes, st. pankraz was already the subject of this post. it seems to attract me especially during winter time.


  1. Lovely, I really like ‘monochrome color’ effects.

    On leveling, first, I find I never have much trouble with tilted framings when I hand-hold the camera, but for some reason when I mount the camera on a tripod I lose the feel for level and have to use a tool. You can get little spirit levels that mount to the camera’s hotshoe, and they are quite useful. Not sure where you would look for them in Europe however.

  2. Oh what a view!!! Incredible. Just beautiful.

    My new camera has a virtual horizon built into it…it is just an awesome feature, really useful. I hope they put that feature on all cameras.

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