repairing the net

catching the small fish, and only small numbers, is hard work, tearing on muscles and gear. the sharp corals brought by the waves to the shore constantly tear holes into the net. a good part of the morning this fisherman spent repairing the net.

repairing the net(2) repairing the net(3) he had a helper, and after having tried one spot and repaired the net, off they went along the beach to another spot where the net was thrown again. half a kilo of small fishes after one hour is definitely not sufficient to feed even a single person, so at this time of the year most of the men go to work as labourers.


  1. Ingenious the way that you’ve allowed that superbly subtle shadow in the upper left corner to balance so much of this study. I’d have never seen, nor exploited it had I ever seen it. So instead of my attention dropping into a hole of negative space up there I’m left to ponder this man’s nails and the tiny muscles just beneath the scrim of his parchment thin skin.

    And II imagine a craftsman taught by decades of net using/net working and wonder if he gets, this time of year when catches of fish are small, a different capture. A capture of solace in that repetition, and detail?

    Thanks for the wonder.

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