carnival bad reichenhall

carnival bad reichenhall(2) first time since many years that i went for the carnival parade here – the curious daughters, wanting to collect sweets, being the main motivation. and many of the fanciful costumes where a joy to look at.

carnival bad reichenhall(3) but really alarming was the amount of alkohol beeing consumed also by minors (12 years upwards) – especially as the police was leading the parade. don’t misunderstand me as party pooper, but certain limitations are out of discussion. and nobody should deplore any more underage victims of binge drinking if it gets tolerated at such events in bright daylight. all this is only cheap lipservice.


  1. unreal huh…kids start EVERYTHINGsoooo young now I do not get it. I am lucky my kids were not interested in drinking drugs or smoking….guess growing up with lung issues changes ones perspective.

  2. Very colorful collection of photos. Well done.

    The age that kids start this stuff is getting younger and younger and they get more brazen about it too. Scary.

  3. I guess that’s actually a strength of the Swedish system. It would never be tolerated here that underage kids would start drinking in public. In my mind that’s a good line to be drawn by society. Unfortunately, also in Sweden, that seems to be of only limited use for protecting against alcoholism in adults.

    As a typical northern-German “Fischkopp”, I really hate carnival…. Brr.

  4. Very nice capture. Nice contrast beetween the Colourfull people and the cold background

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