checking the water

this is why am here. it is good to know that the support we try to bring really reaches the people in need. and when content meets form, out of beauty happiness can rise. sorry for being pathetic, this is an unstaged shot right out of today morning’s site visit, and maybe the jet lag also has its effect.

checking the water(2) ok, kids pics always go to the heart, but i can’t help to like it. we can talk about the lighting situation, backlight/striplight in both situations, reduced color sets also which almost leave out a part of the spectrum, so a lot of my ingredients for a good picture are there.

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  1. This first photo has s storybook quality to it. Just one amazing photo!

    The second one is very sweet but the first one touches me and I find it very compelling. It is really amazing. It looks like it would make a cover of a magazine or make a wonderful book jacket for a novel. It is an award winning quality shot.

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