peaceful, isn’t it? unfortunately the morning wasn’t. a claymore mine exploded next to the police station in batticaloa, killed 4 and injured a dozen, 4 school students among them. on the beach we only heard a muted ‘booff’. what a discrepancy between those sceneries.

boat and flipflop, batticaloa(2) Update: just replaced the lead image with a lightzone version. the much i like bibble for its speed, lightzone is incredible in its possibility to enhance low contrast structures. even in the thumbnail you can easily spot the difference.

boat and flipflop, batticaloa


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  1. I’ve switched from Bibble to Camera Raw a while ago – to be honest more for the sake of an easy workflow than for anything image-quality related. But lately I have been getting more and more second thoughts…. If they would only relased Bibble 5 soon – the 4.10 doesn’t support my camera…

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