rikshas are coming

the lonely planet guide told: “you don’t have to search for the rikshas to drive you through the hutongs, they will find you”, and so it was. outside the north end of the forbidden city, you could merely walk for 5m without being asked for a riksha tour. As it was off season, there were maybe 50 rikshas for every tourist.


  1. I love your series of China images and the effective way you use the color red. OK, it seems unavoidable, but you really make it a subject. Very strong!

  2. Sometimes the lonely planet guides can be hilarious too. I remember an old edition for India was talking about Delhi’s summer like “the roads start melting; the birds keep falling from the sky”.
    I’ve lived here all my life, and though agreeably it can get very hot, but that was just one funny exaggeration…

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