night transport, beijing

you remember the good ol’ film days? when we had tri-x and pushed it to 1600 to get verrrry grainy b&w results? and were proud of the available light photography we were able to do then? at that days i would never have thought of snapping with a standard zoom lens late at night in not-so-well lit corners of the street, like here in beijing. a lot has changed, not everything for the better, but digital photography has brought me a whole new horizon of opportunities. available light among them, but also to shoot 500 frames without a single thought of regret…


  1. I came from a film background and I find that digital=freedom! I really haven’t looked back. Digital has come a very long way.

  2. Markus, that’s fantastic. I love the way the transporter partitions the image into two zones ruled by two focal points, and the distribution of light/shadow and warm/cold complements this nicely.

    It may seem a little far-fetched, but this composition reminds me always of Pieter Bruegel the Elder and his “Conversion of St. Paul“, hanging here in Vienna. Nice.

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