imperial patterns in nature

there are many aspects on which to judge a government ruling 100 years ago. the cultural revolution in china found resonance among the millions who suffered under a violent regime that in many ways abused human workforce just for the aggrandissement and luxury of the ruling class (and just a flash of thought: what will history books write about current governments and administrations).

imperial patterns in nature(2) still there are achievements, others but in a different way valuable from the revolutions results. a heritage of art forms that still lives today and articulates valid statements, not only in the field of gardening.

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  1. beautiful image and interesting data on the area as well really goes to show me how different our lives are in the US – I wish for us all a peaceful 2009 and a blessed holiday season for you and yours. I would especially like to say thankyou for the supportive words through out the year and I look forward to sharing the art and beauty of photography with you in 2009. Thank you Merry Christmas

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