gloss and paint

gloss and paint

beijing airport was impressive, to say the least. dimension-wise as well as in puncto tidiness, and at least from the latter those pictures should give an impression.

gloss and paint(2) in europe it is common wisdom that societies with a socialist background usually have an enormous amount of hidden unemployment by entertaining low paid support jobs that would not exist in a pure capitalistic environment (don’t deduce from this statement that i would rate our capitalistic society higher – the last months have shown on which bubbles we have built). in beijing airport as well as on the streets of nanjing numerous amount of cleaning staff was re-cleaning clean things, to maintain the high gloss as here in beijing, or spotless clean motoways as in nanjing. impressive, but probably not a useful model for other parts of the world.

but as a billboard to the world, showcasing chinas prosperity and well-organisedness it presumably served the purpose.


  1. Whatever the implications, those glossy surroundings certainly seem to provide ample photographic opportunities. Looks somewhat desolate, though – maybe having people there is also considered “untidy”..? 😉

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