street sweets, nanjing

the already mentioned ‘re nao’ holds true for street vendor businesses also. even late at night, the crowds at the food stalls are loud and busy, queues tightly packed. europeans with a certain affinity for less body contact when waiting immediately find themselves at the end of the queue for quite a while.

street sweets, nanjing(2)at the food stall, it was quite easy for me to adapt to local queuing policies – hunger or appetite make up for a good motivation. it was considerably less easy for me in the public toilets, where you have again to queue up almost touching your front man busy with his business at the urinal, otherwise you have to wait for quite a long time…


  1. @laurie: I have to admit that I never tasted these: The shop also sold duck heads and chicken necks and so on, so this time I restricted myself to taking pictures. In other places, where the made dough and vegetables omelettes, I tried a number of snacks, all to be recommended.

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