more roofs

in case you don’t know: munich, capitol of bavaria and the city were i work, has a chinese tower. built 1789, it nowadays is the center of a beer garden. absence of abstinence in my case not only leads to a certain inclination towards beer, but also to chinese roof constructions. the fu-zi temple area in this respect was a treasure trove, whilst the chinese beer i experienced as not really convincing.

more roofs(2)the temple is surrounded by a number of buildings from the imperial times, besides a museum many of those houses now host shops for gifts and souvenirs.


  1. I had no idea…glad you shared the details. Speaking of details, beyond the ornate details of the structure, I like the wires:-)

  2. A Chinese Bier Garten in Bavaria? Who knew!

    Beautiful details in this. It must be and unexpected sight for visitors in your city.

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